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Simply Soulful: Ana Cristina Cash & The Tough Love EP

Simply Soulful: Ana Cristina Cash & <i>The Tough Love EP</i>
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While her last name may be the first thing that catches your attention, her compelling vocals will make you stick around. Meet, Ana Cristina Cash, a Miami, FL native who has found her home in Nashville. The gifted songstress, who released The Tough Love EP on March 14th, appeared this week on Music City Roots, wowing both the live audience and those tuning in online equally. 

Being a part of one of country music’s favorite families sure makes the stories interesting. The Tough Love EP was recorded at Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, TN and Cash’s husband, John Carter Cash co-wrote some of the project’s 6 tracks alongside her. Cash performed several cuts from the album during her Music City Roots performance, showing off her incredible range and southern soul.

“Tough Love Woman” brilliantly combines a retro sound with a little bit of sass. Check out the official lyric video below: 

If you want a song that gives you a great storyline, emotion, and passion, “Southern Roots” is one to check out. The Music City Roots audience was hanging on Cash’s every word as the song played out, a clear sign of brilliant songwriting. Cash & her husband hit the mark on this haunting track. Check it out for yourself and prepare to be singing along shortly: 

The audience also got to hear “The Cost of Love”, a jazzy tune co-written with Bill Miller. But Cash really left an impression with her spin on John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind”, which can also be found on The Tough Love EP. Cash told the crowd that the lyrics have always resonated with her and reminded her of where she came from. Her version is stunning, as soft and sweet as it is passionate and powerful. 

The Tough Love EP is filled with heart & soul and truly an album you will have on repeat. Make sure to grab yourself a copy and visit Ana Cristina Cash’s website to learn more about this incredible artist. And while you’re on her YouTube channel, make sure to check out some of her covers of artists like Bruno Mars & Rihanna – they’re fantastic.

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