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Artist Snapshot: Erin McAndrew & “Rockin’ Thru The Grapevines”

Artist Snapshot: Erin McAndrew & “Rockin’ Thru The Grapevines”
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Music AND wine? Now that’s something worth getting on board with! Erin McAndrew is New York-based pop/rock artist who not only sings, but also hosts her own YouTube show, Rockin’ Thru The Grapevines. Check out the Q&A she did with Strums & Shots recently and get to know her better!
For those who will be learning about you for the first time, what do you most want them to know about your music & your YouTube show?
For my music it’s all about connection, chasing your goals, and having fun. One of my main things that I think about when I write is what I feel, but also how someone will connect to and relate to what my music is about. As far as my YouTube show “Rockin’ Thru the Grapevines“, I started that because I perform at a lot of wineries and have become quite the wine enthusiast, so it just made sense to create a show about it! I am having a lot of fun with it and have learned a lot about wine since I started the show last fall.
What has been your favorite venue or show to play so far in your career?
Well, for one this was VERY early in my career – but I played the legendary CBGBs in NYC back in 2006 when I was in a band in college. It is to this day one of my favorite moments in my career. More recently, I would have to say my favorite shows to play are ones where I can get the crowd involved and to participate in my show – whether it’s taking requests, singing along, dancing, or creating conversation. Any show where I find I can connect with at least a few people, I know I’ve succeeded.
Where can music fans who can’t see you live hear your music?
All over! I’m on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, etc! You can also find my music on my website – erinmcmusic.com.
Is there one song of yours that you think would best introduce you to people hearing you for the first time?
YES! My song off of my album “Skeleton of Life” called “Never Settle”. It’s all about not settling and living life to its fullest. It’s a song you’ll want to crank up in the car while driving down the freeway! 
What’s been the coolest part of hosting your YouTube show, Rockin’ Thru The Grapevines?’
Honestly? Learning about different wine regions and the stories behind the wineries and the wine they create – and also drinking all the wine, of course!
The most basic question for a wine lover – red or white?
RED! Hands down. I do like a glass of white from time to time in the summer, but I always lean towards red. 
Do you have an absolute favorite wine that you’ve tried so far?
Yes! The Cabernet Franc from Palmer Vineyards on Long Island. SO SO good. Also, Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon – that was finished in aged Jameson Irish Whiskey Barrels…yum!
For folks who aren’t already wine drinkers, what advice would you give them for getting into it?
Get a few bottles of different styles of wine and have yourself a tasting party. You could ask everyone who comes to the party to bring a different bottle. As you drink, compare notes on what you smell, taste, and which styles taste best to you. I’ve discovered that a lot of times when people say that they “don’t like wine,” it’s because they’re not drinking wine that fits their taste. Once you discover what type of wine is your favorite, you can keep exploring different variations on that style.
What does the rest of 2017 look like for you, both music & YouTube-wise?
The rest of 2017 looks very busy – I’m getting close to being finished in the studio with my EP, so that will be released within the next few months. Also, I’m hoping to book more shows across the US, maybe even at more wineries! YouTube-wise, I am going to continue with more episodes of “Rockin’ Thru the Grapevines” and find ways to build its popularity. If anyone has any good wine recommendations, send them my way so I can review them!
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